About Us

Colour Hub  provides a variety of services to the public and businesses, everything in-house & under one roof. We have expanded rapidly into a business that can provide brilliant quality products, produced by state of the art equipment and handled by excellent staff with years of experience.

In short, the main driven goal at Colour Hub is simple, whether it is commercial or individual, we are here to provide you with affordable and practical printing, signage, branding & clothing solutions, for all your business or personal requirements, at minimal cost. We strive towards success and customer satisfaction, and to achieve that we only use state of the art equipment and materials.

Colour Hub provides a wide variety of printing, signage, branding, clothing & designing services. From basic digital printing & finishing to building, shop & office signs, laser cutting & engraving, corporate clothing and gifts, vehicle branding, banners, websites and the list goes on.

The benefit of working with us is because we provide convenience and service excellence to all our customers. Where customers would often have to go to X,Y & Z to get a variety of services completed, we provide them with the benefit of having everything done in-house under one roof, where we serve customers with passion & excellence when it concerns their interests.

Please feel free to scroll through all of our exciting products and services, we are convinced that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Should you not find what you’re searching for, please tell us and we will gladly assist you and make it our top priority to find exactly what you need.


Colour Hub Team