Fleet Branding

Advertising is still an important part of any company’s marketing strategy.

But did you know that Fleet vehicle advertising is probably one of most cost-effective forms of advertising?

No one’s advertising budget is endless but for a single once-off payment your vehicles are out there promoting your brand to thousands of potential customers every day.

Your vehicles are still hard at work selling your company even when you are not.

Fleet vehicle advertising offers the perfect way to advertise your products or services using eye-catching:

  • Window graphics
  • Spot graphics in a range of coverage sizes
  • Partial vehicle wraps.
  • Full vehicle wraps.

Your advertising campaign needs to maximise exposure of your brand.

Let your brand connect with people through stunning graphics, images and your company logo.

The possibilities for an innovative advertising campaign are endless.

You can really go to town with your advertising creativity and even include some real humour.

The highly visible and mobile nature of your company vehicles gives you instant brand recognition and maximum brand exposure.

What a stunning, unforgettable impression for the 1,000’s of potential clients and customers who see your vehicles every day.